Ads that make you think twice





for this blog post, i thought i would dedicate it to the ads that are cool, interesting, and fun. ads should be exciting and attention getting, and i think these ads do so. the Coco Cola ad is simple but does its job. Coco Cola is one of the most recognizable brands around the world. everyone can recognize a Coco Cola ad, and understand it pretty clearly.


the second ad, the Band Aid ad is very interesting and catches the attention of the waterproof bandage. i think that this is a very smart strategy to use when displaying different uses for waterproof bandages in another way, that may have not been presented before.i am also a big fan of the Old Spice ads. the direction that Old Spice is taking their new body washes products is a funny and sarcastic one. i really like this ad with the face of the Old Spice campaign covered in icy-coolness.

all in all, ads are suppose to be fun and enjoyed. i though that these three ads really represent great examples of different types of ads.


Black Friday


This illustration is a great example of how marketing can work.  Since black Friday was this weekend, and cyber Monday is tomorrow, I feel that this picture is very relevant to what is going on with holiday shopping.

Getting the consumer to know what they want is important, and making sure it is something you can sell them is even more significant. The shoes are originally priced at one hundred dollars, and no one is buying them. With a clever sign, the price of the shoes can see that it is one hundred dollars off. Once the shoes are on “sale” all of a sudden everyone wants them.

The holiday crowds are drawn in by the sales, everyone wants to get a great deal. A lot of the prices that are “discounted” have been priced the same as before. Retailers just want to seem that they are giving consumers a great deal.

Retailers also know that consumers are willing to leave their thanksgiving dinner with their families to stay up late and go shopping. Marketers use smart techniques to get shoppers attention so they spend their money where it counts.

A circus in the station


Today as I entered union station I was surprised to see that the circus has came into town. Union station was brightly decorated to advertise the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus. Going up and down the stair case there were balloons lining the way. This caused a lot of people to stop and look to take note of the ads. Not only was there balloons in the station, but there was also large ad posters at every entrance.
The best past is when I walked outside there was a red and white balloon arch causing even more attention to passersby. I don’t think that people understood the balloon arch immediately when entering the station, but as you walk inside it was clear. The Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus did an ok job in my opinion of highlighting their circus in union station. I think that there could have been more interactive ads, or something that would involve the kid’s attention.
Primarily when I saw the balloons I thought that the circus was introducing a new feature to their show. It was more so to remind people of the circus and how fun it could be. Sometimes subtle ads can be very effective for getting the message across. On the other hand, if you want to advertise something as big as the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, then either go big or go home. Some balloons in a train station might not cut it if they want to increase sales for their shows.

i also recorded a video of what i saw in the station, and will be posting it this week.

Ads from the 1950’s were not for woman





Although woman bought majority of everything in the household, these ads were obliviously not in their favor. back in the 1950’s men completely and utterly controlled the household. whatever the man of the house said was law, and obeyed. 

woman based their purchased off of what is perceived as to be better for their husband. because they want to be a good wife, and obey their husbands. in the first ad, the man’s dialogue in the text is much larger than the woman’s dialogue below. the front is also much larger and seems more important than what the woman has to say. even though the woman has more to say, her dialogue seems less important to the one sentence her husband says.

i woman’s role in the household was very clear in the 1950’s. they were to cook, clean, and watch after the kids. the image in the second ad portrays a understanding husband for his wife who has burned dinner. the beer that is so very important to him is unharmed by her mistake, so everything is well. she seems very upset that she couldn’t fulfill her role as a house wife when trying to prepare dinner. the second ad is very typical of what was presented to the male market during the 50’s.

the last ad must be the most controversial. it shows a husband punishing his wife for not buying the freshest coffee. this ad in my opinion is the essence of what was typically presented during this age. woman wouldn’t want their husbands to know that they were using short cuts to make their coffee. using instant coffee instead of fresh coffee would make a woman seem unfit as a wife.

the messages of ads often portray a angles that they want the audience to know. during the 1950’s the angle was that wives needed to please their husband, and by buying these brand they would accomplish their goal. 

Moms Hate Guns



Gun laws are one of the new hot topics of debate in the country so far. A lot of different organizations are expressing their viewpoint one way or another for this issue. Moms Demand Action is an organization of mothers against different issues that are affecting children.

This ad is specifically targeting gun control laws and the effect that such laws would have on children. There are two little girls sitting in a library with the copy reading, “One child is holding something that’s been banned in America to protect them. Guess which one.” The girl on the left is holding a little reading riding hood book, and the other an AK47.

I believe that this ad is very effective for the message that it is trying to portray. The Moms Demand Action organization is showing a clear message of what their position is on the issue. The book on the left has been banned, and the gun on the right has not.

One effective technique for advertising is to make sure that the message that you are trying to portray is clear. You don’t want the reader to get lost or leave unclear about the meaning of the ad. I think that this ad is very effective in doing so. The message is clear that the book has been banned for children’s safety, but not guns. What is so unsafe about a book that a gun does not measure?

Overall the campaign uses very valuable images and provides enough wording to get the message across.

Advertising is all around us!



Advertising is all around us in the literal sense. every where we turn, we can see an ad in some form or another.  it is just like the air we breathe. the frequency of advertising is dependent on, how many times advertisers can drill the message into our brains.

I wanted to post and original video on all the ads i see on my way to school….but unfortunately there were too many to record. there were so many ads that i couldn’t even record it all on my camera. so instead i substituted that with taking some original photos. this pictures were taken today in the train station, and on my way to the bus stop. again, there was a countless amounts of ads i say, but these select few stood out to me.

For breast cancer awareness month. the Advocate Health Center did a campaign featuring woman and their bras. on the staircase as people are walking up, and seeing the ad. thousands of people walk up the staircase and view this ad on a daily basis. the Fruit Water ad and Prepare Chicago ad were on light up signs posted on the walls of the station. as you exit their are numerous amounts of these light up signs that are very visible and notable.

The New York Times ad was in a window case right next to a newsstand. so if you were interested in buying a New York Times, then you know exactly where to but it. the case is right by the entrance of the station and catches the attention of everyone who comes across it.

One very common ad placement that i noticed were on the tops of taxis. each taxi has a panel on the top of the car which lights up. many taxis have two different ads on each side. so as the taxis drive all around Chicago, these ads are seen by millions of people.

All of these ads are very effective in their own respective right. the purpose is to get you to notice them, and remember what the message of the ad is. if you are ever bored walking to school one day, just attempt to count the number of ads that you see. i guarantee that you will be surprised with all that you don’t notice normally.